Our Solution

Several services to serve your business


Access, annotate, compare
and search through
all your documents
anytime, anywhere


Synchronize, prepare, follow
and close your mission,
report any event
and much more


Visualize, assess, update
your mission environment
to get the best
situational awareness


Inform, chat, notify
your mission stakeholders
for an optimal
operational efficiency


Flexible and configurable
To fit with my business

I'm using the dgBirds solution as it is an integrated software that includes several consistent services.

It covers many aspects of my mobile business and I can subscribe to a new service very easily. This is the advantage of a flexible solution.

But even better, it is configurable to perfectly fit with my needs.

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Integrated solution of services

dgBirds is a flexible solution bringing several services to mobile users. Flexible means that, as a customer, you can choose which service is open to which group of users, among services you've subscribed to.
dgBirds organizes its services in 4 Core Services:

  • Documentation that contains only one service to deliver content.
  • Mission that clusters all services related to your mission (mission folder, reports...).
  • Environment that helps you get the best situational awareness.
  • Communication that brings a powerfull tool to connect people and share information.

4 Core Services of configurable Services


dgBirds is a configurable solution to fit perfectly with your mobile users' needs. Configurable means that, as a customer, you can choose how services are delivered to your mobile users.

dgBirds is not designed for a specific business, but includes several services which make sense, once configured, for a lot of different mobile businesses.

As a customer, I can configure each service in such a way that it is seen by mobile users as a dedicated service to their business.