Feedback as a Service

Easy to manage, easy to report

Customer advantages

Designing forms to get reports from mobile users has never been so simple and efficient.

Whatever your business is, getting feedbacks from your teams has always been painful but also processing data from these reports. An affordable solution allowing to design forms, to distribute them, and allowing users to offline file reports thanks to an intuitive interface is not easy to find.

dgBirds includes a specific service to administrate, contribute and monitor the distribution of forms to groups of organized users. It is configurable to fit your business and/or feed your Safety Management System.

Users benefits

The most efficient solution ever for your reports on the move.

As a chief purser, a type rating examiner, a sales agent, or for instance a ship crew member, you certainly have to send feedbacks to your management. This is sometimes discouraging when the IT solution is not user-friendly and on the contrary, it is motivating when it is pleasant and intuitive.

dgBirds has a dedicated service to synchronize forms, file a report or even answer to a survey. It is so intuitive


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Report significant events during and after my mission, to continuously participate to the systemic improvement of operations. The best reports come from the simpliest interfaces.