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EFB should stand for “Enhanced Flight Bag”

Very shorlty, dgBirds SAS President, Sébastien Veigneau will issue on Linkedin a series of articles called “EFB should stand for Enhanced Flight Bag”, with the following parts:

1. From EFB to iPads

2. Leverage your Pilots experience

3. Challenges for regulators and standards

4. As a Pilot, I want

5. What EFBs should and should not do

6. “When” give pilots a tablet rather than “why”

7. Enhanced Flight Bag: a move to “home to home”

Based on his experience of Airline Pilot and EFB expert (Sébastien has been involved in rule making tasks and workgroups on EFB), Sébastien will share about why and how :

• Electronic Flight Bag became a major asset to help airlines and pilots ensure flight safety

• With more benefits to be delivered, EFB should become “Enhanced” Flight Bags

Targeted audience is not only Pilots, EFB Admin, OCC, IT but also all travellers interested in learning how flights are prepared and performed: this is not about a simple tool, this is about airlines’ capabilities to enhance flight safety, operational performance and Passengers experience.

Exciting topics to discuss about !