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Air Paris Academy
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Air Paris Academy

« After few weeks where we tried the solution, we decided to formally deploy dgBirds’ Documentation service since we are convinced that this solution will significantly improve our Flight Operations processes and this, for a very reasonable budget. Both the mobile application and the Administration platform revealed to be very user friendly and, therefore, easy to use. »

Jenny Perrot, Compliance Monitoring and Safety Director


« dgBirds? I highly recommend this excellent and efficient tool for an immediate, accurate and always up-to-date access to your most extensive document library. 👍 »

« dgBirds est une vraie aide pour nous tous, élus, techniciens, instructeurs, stagiaires. »

Luc Guillot Directeur


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« Aviation Sans Frontières a choisi de collaborer avec la société dgBirds pour la gestion de la distribution et la mise à jour de la documentation destinée aux équipages. Nous remercions Corinne Jeance, Sébastien Veigneau et toute l’équipe de dgBirds de n’avoir ménagé aucun effort pour nous avoir accompagné dans le processus d’appropriation de l’application et de l’approbation opérationnelle. »

Didjatou Oumarou, administrateur EFB


« When we tried the solution of dgBirds, we were positively surprised about how easy we managed to start using the service. Whenever we had questions, dgBirds Team was very professional and available. »

Emmanuel Cachia DOA



«With dgBirds, we are  now moving to the world of paperless cockpit and, for us, this is major step towards higher safety and efficiency for our flights»

Darius Poplavskij, Manager Flight Operations,

Charter Jets