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Customer advantages

Managing content for mobile users has never been so easy and affordable.

Whatever your industry is, content distribution is a difficult subject. On one hand you have many different documents. On the other hand, different users must be aware of new versions of documents, according to their profiles. Finding the affordable software solution that perfectly meets your requirements is difficult.

dgBirds serves exactly the need to administrate, contribute and monitor the distribution of documents to groups of organized users. It is configurable to fit your business.

Users benefits

The most powerful solution ever for your documentation on the move.

As a station manager, a train driver, a team manager or for instance a commercial engineer, you certainly need to access, organize, compare, customize or search through your operational manuals, your technical notes or machines diagrams.

dgBirds is a single all-in-one app of services that includes a proven solution for your documentation. By bringing dozens of amazing functionalities in a so simple, efficient and intuitive interface, it gives you the best user experience ever.


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Documentation on the move has never been so easy and affordable. Synchronise, access, organize, search and personalize my documents. Be notified of and compare versions.