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Mobile Device Management should include a Entreprise Content Management (ECM).

Content delivery is not an easy thing to set up in an entreprise. With mobility, it has become a nightmare for IT services.

In fact, the content delivery service can be summarized as follows:
- Organize content
- Deliver it to the right person at the right time
- Monitor its distribution

From a mobile user aspect, content delivery should include the following use cases:
- Access to the content
- Organization of the content
- Persistent customization (notes, bookmarks)
- Efficient search engine

Such an ECM solution is not easy to develop. Integrating an existing SaaS solution as a service of a global MDM solution is an option that can benefit to both parties. Easy to setup, "pay per use" or "pay per user" business model.

Entreprise content management
ECM as a Service
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