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Mobile worker

As a mobile staff working in critical industries, I want to get different consistent services.

Whatever my industry is (utilities, telecommunications, oil & gas production, nuclear powerplant, etc.), it is difficult to deliver content to the right persons at the right time so that everybody shares the same reference documentation. It is also not easy to monitor that the information has been taken into account. Many different documents, many widespreaded users make the equation difficult to solve.

Getting relevant feedbacks from mobile users is key for the global operational efficiency. The feedback loop must be feeded by field operatives.

Moreover, securely sharing information between people involved in a mission is part of its success.

As a mobile user, I want a single app that provides me the best consistent user experience ever. It must save me time by making my professional life easier. Using such a solution will improve the global operational efficiency, and contribute to involve me in the company strategy (safety, security, Standard Operational Procedures, cost-savings...).

Solution for mobile staff working in critical industries
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