Adnovae Non classé

AEGATS `18 – 10/24/2018

Meet Sébastien Veigneau, dgBirds President, presenting at the Advanced Aircraft Efficiency in a Global Air Transport System, Room 2, 3:20pm about “EFB should stand for Enhanced Flight Bag”.

For many years, pilots have been carrying flight bags to bring paper documents in the cockpit.
Everything changed in 2010 when the iPad was born. While “avionics” has been the only one permitted on board, mobile IT is now “kindly” invited with its short development cycles.
Rapid innovation can now enter cockpits with tablets hosting EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) applications that should do much more than only replacing paper.
Pilots don’t really want an Electronic but rather an Enhanced Flight Bag fed by collaborative sources, where applications are set of functions that enhance situational awareness from home to home. A new operational efficiency and safety improvement will come from information sharing, collaborative algorithms and overall or individual gained experience.
It sounds like Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are entering the game.
But what’s allowed on an EFB?