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Corinne Jeance
CEO - Co-founder


Baptiste Dupuch



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Sébastien Veigneau
President - Co-founder
Air France A320 Captain

Maxime Pezavant
Product Line Manager
Air France B777 Pilot

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dgBirds is a vibrant company whose skeleton is based on many years of experience in designing mobile solutions for professional pilots.

Going back in 2010, Air France chose the iPad as an Electronic Flight Bag for its pilots and developed some apps to support their mission.

Corinne was the IT manager of the project (currently, dgBirds CEO), and Sébastien its business manager (currently dgBirds President and A320 Captain).

In the continuity of this successful solution used by 4000 pilots, we together have created the dgBirds company as a subsidiary of Air France.

We are committed to developing and marketing software solutions for any mobile business.


We are physically located "in the cloud" over Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, France.

Our team is widespreaded at different work locations and we use the best cloud solutions to organize our collaborative remote work.

We meet regularly to share information, coordinate actions, welcome newcomers, celebrate a success, work on a feature or shape the vision.

Team building is extremly important as it is more than putting together a group of people to work, it is about creating a team culture based on common values.

Obviously, Agile methods are at the heart of our developments. It's been our way of doing things since many years now.

dgBirds team @work

Optimizing airline operations represents a major challenge for safety, customer satisfaction and cost-savings.

In cockpits, while the evolution of avionics is slow and expensive, new platforms like "tablets" have less constraints and are hosting more and more amazing functions to support pilots duties.

And what is true for the very demanding aviation industry, is also true for all other industries involving mobile users (transport, education, critical industries, health, IT...).That's why we are developing an integrated multi-services multi-business software solution. Flexible and configurable, it perfectly fits to your specific mobile business. We believe that high-quality and affordable go well together.

Because you are awesome, we build awesome solutions.


We build more than you 

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